About Alzheimer’s and How to Prevent It-

Published December 5, 2017 in Health - 0 Comments

Have you ever heard of Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s is a disease that can make a person lose his mind and forget something. Alzheimer’s can make a person forget what he has just done. For diseases like this, definitely, need a special handling. People suffering from Alzheimer may require reliable in home senior care  to help them at home. One of the best ways to take care of them is using service of in home care. The staff at Senior Helping Seniors will help you with care for Alzheimer’s patients. So you can focus on spending the best time with them, without the thinking of figuring out how the best way to take care of them.

Before Alzheimer’s really comes to you, there are several ways to prevent it, such as:

1. Reduce Food Warm. Fat not only causes obesity, fat can also trigger changes in brain function to better or even worse. Should reduce consumption of saturated fats and fried foods.

2. Consumption of Foods That Contain Antioxidants. Foods with antioxidant content can prevent dementia and prevent Alzheimer disease. Expand eating antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits

3. Sports. Exercise turned out to stimulate good cholesterol production. With good cholesterol will improve the function of anti-inflammatory to prevent damage to the brain system.

4. Reduce Sweet Food. Foods that contain too much sugar not only cause problems in weight. Sweet food can cause brain damage. Brain conditions can also worsen if too much eating sweet foods.

5. Make Food at Home. By cooking your own food at home, you can make sure the food you eat is hygienic and does not cause disease. It will also make you more efficient, right?

6. Recognize Early Alzheimer’s Signs. The initial signs of this illness can be small confusing faults while reading the map, the sense of smell disappears, asking the same questions over and over and often forgetting the things that have just been done.

If you or one of your family starts showing signs of Alzheimer’s, you should quickly contact the best psychiatrist you know and consult it. After the consultation, you can contact Seniors Helping Seniors to help you with Alzheimer’s.