About Me

5 things you must know about me and this blog

1. Me

My name is Jesse H. Aguayo, and I love to write. It’s pretty obvious for a blog owner to love writing, isn’t it? However, my writing isn’t just about one particular thing. A love to write about many things instead to just one particular topic. It’s challenging and also refreshing. This is intentionally done, so my blog will not be boring for both me and my lovely readers.

2. My blog

As I’ve explained before, this blog isn’t stiff at all. You can find various types of information on this blog. Start from simple health tips to the recommended types of gadgets to day. Even some info about the ways to do your business efficiently can also be read on this blog. So feel free, and explore!

3. I am willing to receive constructive critics well

As a writer, I’ve realized that I can’t grow and improve my writing skill without other’s opinions and critics. So it’s actually opening my eyes on how should I see the things that go around in our society. So feel free to give me any constructive critics and some pieces of your thoughts about my writings. Don’t be hesitated to correct me if I’m wrong. No excellent writers can be as good as they are now without their beloved readers who are always caring so much about the writers that they love to support.

4. It’s good for you and for me

For me, it’s about my passion. Writing and spreading useful information makes my heart filled with joy and excitement. Knowing that some people out there have been helped in some ways after they’ve read the tips on my blog, is such a blessing for myself. As for them, knowing one way or two to deal with their problem can also help them in the very good ways. I hope that the little kindness that I’ve tried to share here will make people also share their good deeds with others. It’s like infecting the whole world with the kindness virus..hehe.

5. Please enjoy

My blog isn’t just for educational and informative purposes. Some of these articles will also have some entertainment purposes within them. So it’s the more relaxing way to enrich your knowledge, and I really wish that many people will consider this blog as their second home on the internet.