Additional Features On Dashboard Camera

Published February 12, 2018 in Technology - 0 Comments

One feature that you should look at when buying a dashboard camera is the storage capacity of the cam dash. Actually, this is not directly related to the camera. Some models of Car Dashboard Camera use external memory, so of course how much storage depends on the external memory capacity. Generally, you can record 8 – 10 hours of HD video with an external memory capacity of 32 GB. Keep in mind, the smaller the memory size is, the continuous loop recording range will be shorter. Therefore, make sure you have enough memory capacity before starting the trip. Visit to find out more about dash cam.

In addition, you can also get a dash cam with additional features. Here are some additional features on the dashboard camera that you can consider:

– With the GPS, we become possible to record speed, coordinates (and then we can compare with the map). With the GPS, if things happen that are not desired, the position of the recording by GPS can also be a proof.

– Motion detection that can turn on the Car Dashboard Camera automatically. This feature is for security when your vehicle is parked and no one is watching.

– Wifi connectivity, which allows you to view recordings over wireless networks or applications on the phone. With wifi connection also you can make arrangement to Car Dashboard Camera through a mobile phone.

– Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) where the camera provides voice notification for events that may endanger the rider such as the insecurity distance with the car in front or the sudden replacement of the lane.

– Cloud Service. Services like this take advantage of internet technology that began to penetrate the automotive world. Car Dashboard Camera into a multifunctional tool that can detect the occurrence of accidents and automatically contact emergency operators via an internet connection. The service also provides an online backup feature for recording your trip.