Christmas Will Arrive, These Churches You Can Visit Worship

Published December 14, 2017 in Lifestyle - 0 Comments

Christmas Day that will soon arrive will make many Christians want to do worship in church. This they do to pray for that special day. In church, they will be more solemn to pray because they will see the images of Jesus that are on the church wall. They will remember how Jesus sacrificed for his people. But, did you know that there are some churches that have very beautiful buildings? These churches have building designs that can amaze and impress people.
Some of these churches are:

1. Harajuku / Japanese Futuristic Church
The church is located in Tokyo has a very beautiful building. The ceiling of the church is made with many arches and makes this building different from other churches. the church was built by architecture called Ciel Rouge in 2005. Amazingly, while there for two seconds you will hear the sound of nature that can calm the heart and mind.

2. The Rock Church
The Church by the name of The Temppeliaukio Kirkko in has a very beautiful and beautiful architecture. The church is built underground so many tourists visit this church.

3. Borgund Stave Church
This church has a unique form because it is dominated by wood and is estimated to have been built since the 12th century. Remarkably, this church is still standing strong and has not changed in any part until now.

4. Chapel of St-Gildas
The shape of this church building becomes very unique because it is composed of natural rocks that are very natural. People around the place make it a holy place for them.

5. The St. Joseph The Betrothed
The interior of this church is decorated with a very dominating blue color and is filled with beautiful paintings that make the church even more eye-catching.