Disadvantages of Using Gadget For a Long time

Published July 17, 2017 in Lifestyle - 0 Comments

Gadgets become one of the tools that can not be removed from human life and even have become Lifestyle. This is certainly dangerous for the current generation, especially for children. Not only the ease that we can get when using the gadget but also there are many disadvantages that we can feel. Below are some of the disadvantages of using gadgets continuously over 18 hours.
1. Aggressive
Gadgets can affect a person’s emotions. When someone is using a gadget, they will not be bothered for an indefinite time. They will be angry if reprimanded, and more sadly this happens to many children.

2. Obesity
Often using gadgets makes you lazy to move and prefer to sit back or lie down while enjoying a snack with high calories. This condition can make your body gain weight and you do not realize if you are obese.

3. Sleep Disorders
Many people forget the time when playing games, or just read the news online through the gadget until late at night. The disturbance does not only occur to adults but also to children who have been given the freedom to use gadgets by their parents. This is the main reason why they should not use gadgets until they reach a certain age. This sleep disorder arises because of constant use of gadgets.

4. Dry Eyes
If your eyes itch for a long time, it’s because your eyes are tension and can cause dry eyes. All that happens because of uses gadgets constantly.

5. Hearing Loss
Frequent listening to music from gadgets through earphones can damage your hearing health. Experts say that the sound ejected from the earpiece of 85 decibels can change the microscopic hair that is in the inner ear that interferes with your hearing ability.

6. Back Pain
One of the bad effects of using gadgets is back pain. When you are constantly using the gadget in a sitting position, then that position will affect your back.

7. Stress
Stress is developed with every gadget you use to communicate. Waiting for important phone calls or chatting through Skype makes your mind experience excessive stress which in turn affects your health.

8. Cancer
Radiation released gadget is one causes of cancer such as leukemia, skin cancer, thyroid, breast cancer and stomach cancer.