Do Newborn Photography with These Four Themes

Published January 6, 2018 in Lifestyle - 0 Comments

Choosing the right theme for the baby shooting is a bit more difficult and should be interesting compared to themes for other photo objects. however, if you are diligent to research the themes you can use, then you will find many themes that you can use for your baby photo shoot. Some of these themes do require a lot of property, for that you have to prepare it for a long period of time for the shoot can run with smoothly. If you are still confused about setting the theme for newborn photography you can find it in this article.

Some of these themes you can use to do a photo shoot on your baby. The theme to be discussed is also a unique theme that not many people use.

1. Royal Baby
This theme you can use by putting your baby on a crown made of soft material. With this theme, you show that your baby is a royal baby who has a throne and uses a crown on her head. This theme can also show the dream of their parents who want their child to be a child who has a generous attitude like kings in the world.

2. Baby Loves Book
If using this theme, you can put your baby a large glasses, but bear in mind that those glasses do not reduce the comfort of your baby. Another property you can use is a book, you can put your baby to sleep on a big book to show that your baby loves the book. This unique theme also shows that the baby’s parents want their child to be someone who never gets tired of learning.

3. Baby In Pets
Your pet can be your baby friend in a photo. You can dress them clothes or accessories with the same theme. Or more simply, you can put your baby to sleep beside your sitting pet. This will produce very interesting photos.

4. Baby Hero
You can put a superhorse suit like a superman or other superhero so that the superhero impression is attached to your baby.