Enjoy Stand Up Paddleboard, Surfing Use Rowing

Published November 10, 2017 in General - 0 Comments

The base material of a surfboard is a polyurethane that is not only strong but also light and easy to repair. The first step is the shape as needed. For beginners, it needs a big board to make it easier to get the waves. Playing in the sea is not just surfing, there is also a stand-up paddleboard, similar to surfing but using a paddle. To be balanced when standing in the direction of sight must be straight ahead. When you get used to it, there’s no harm in relaxing on the board. You can also find inflatable paddle board by visiting inflatablepaddleboardinfo.com.

This game is at a glance similar to surfing, the challenge is to control the board over the sea. Just the difference, paddleboard using an additional tool in the form of a paddle. In addition, paddle board was impressed calm and do not rely on speed while in action. In other words, a paddleboard is similar to a boat ride, just instead of using bamboo stacks, we use surfboards with special specifications. In addition, how to ride it is the same, by standing on the board and rowing. How, interesting is not it?

Then, what’s the challenge?
If surfing toys must be fast and maneuver by riding the waves, if paddle board leads to more casual walking activities, but done in the middle of the ocean. Standing on the paddle board is not an easy thing, you should be able to maintain the balance and rowing as casually as possible. Because relaxed is the risk of drowning is very large, especially if you can not keep the balance well. The sport was created by a surfboard manufacturer called StarBoard. Until now, Paddle Board that made this company is still classified and still claimed as one of the best in the world, along with the paddle.

Although people who use paddle board mostly in Hawaii, in history precisely this sport was first developed in Peru. After that, the explorer named Thor Heyerdahl, took it to America until finally developed in Hawaii and around the world.