Getting The Best E-Liquid By Understanding The Basics

Published September 12, 2017 in Lifestyle - 0 Comments

E-Liquid (also called e-Juice) is a combination of natural artificial flavors or flavors, nicotine, sugar and other chemical or organic components. This product is a liquid that is inserted into an electric cigarette. The liquid is then heated in an electric cigarette and evaporated when the user smokes an electric cigarette. E-Liquid is offered in a wide selection of flavors. Many users enjoy this feature because they can adjust the taste in their vaping experience. Users can choose the taste they want to taste when smoking, as well as nicotine levels – if they want nicotine in it because e-Juice gives a choice of flavor and nicotine levels that can be enjoyed by its users. Get the Best vape juice by visiting our website.

E-Liquid consists of components of Propylene Glycol or PG, or Vegetable Glycerin or VG. One or a combination of these two liquids is then mixed with liquid nicotine to create e-Juice. How much e-Juice a smoker-electric consumption will create a different smoking experience. So how much can one use? It depends on several things.

– Desired Nicotine Level: Nicotine levels that determine how many other components will be used. The less the nicotine levels, the more fluid you can use, and vice versa.

– Seeking the Power of “Throat Hit”: For those who want to experience the smoking experience with more throat kicks, e-Liquid with a larger PG ratio is the choice. This component is known to give a hit throat, so the selected e-Liquid will consist of nicotine and PG as the main ingredient. PG Ratio: The VG that can provide solid hi throat is 70 (PG): 30 (VG) or a stronger ratio combination, 80 (PG): 20 (VG). However, PG is also known as a substance that causes allergies. When this happens, it should not use e-Liquid with PG components.

E-Liquid comes in a wide selection of flavors. For those who enjoy the traditional smoking experience, there are some flavors that are made to resemble the taste of tobacco cigar and cigar. Standard flavors such as Mint and Menthol are also ideal for smokers who want to visit the old experience of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The advantage of using electric cigarettes is that users can choose their own desired nicotine levels, without the smell of cigarettes, and do not need to suck carcinogenic and tar components into the lungs.