How to build muscles for those who get fat easily

Published March 8, 2018 in Health - 0 Comments

Each person has a different body type. Well, the pattern of exercise and diet must be tailored to the type of body. If you have an easily fat type of endomorph body, you should avoid exercise and diet programs aimed at those who are thin. It is because this can actually be a boomerang for your body. Instead of getting slim, you might even hoard more fat. That’s why some people also rely on supplements like ostarine in order to maximize the result of their training.

So, how the right way to build muscle without accumulating fat? Check out the following tips.

1. Increase the frequency and volume of the exercise

In order for the body to use more carbohydrates, you need to increase insulin sensitivity. Well, it turns out weight training can make muscle tissue more sensitive to carbohydrates. After exercise using exhausting weights, your muscle tissue will absorb carbohydrates to promote recovery.

In other words, the higher the volume of the exercise, the more you will be sensitive to carbohydrates

2. Reduce the carbo while your activity is not heavy

You do not need to avoid carbohydrates altogether because carbohydrates are needed as a source of energy and support recovery. The problem is carbo also easily accumulate into fat. Then how the solution?

The solution is simple: Reduce your carbohydrate intake if your activity is not heavy. You can avoid the carbo at breakfast and replace it with a source of protein and healthy fats. If the time of practice has arrived, take advantage of carbohydrate sources such as energy drinks to support your activities during the gym.

With sufficient carbohydrate intake during exercise sessions, you can keep your cortisol levels low. This helps maximize your muscle formation.

3. Take advantage of heat therapy for your body

Hot therapy, like a sauna, can improve insulin sensitivity by suppressing inflammation. Insulin sensitivity is one of the keys to fat loss. So, you need to prioritize ways that can help improve insulin sensitivity.

A hot tub or sauna can increase your body’s core temperature, causing heat shock effects on your cells. In addition to improving insulin sensitivity by suppressing inflammation, it also facilitates the flow of blood in trained muscles.