How To Cook Healthy

Published July 15, 2017 in Health - 0 Comments

Food is a source of energy for the human body. Every day we must consume foods that contain nutrients and nutrients in order to always be healthy. Generally, food will be processed in advance to be enjoyed. However, there are several processes that can include nutrients and nutrients in foods such as cooking too long or using cooking oil that has high saturated fats. Of course, it is dangerous for human health and we must use the right way to cook food.
1. Baking
Processing food by baking is indeed quite healthy because it is protected from the use of oil. At the time of grilling, the excess fat in the food will be lost and wasted. But in this process, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the tool roast and roasting process in the right way so as not to damage the nutritional content of food.
2. Boil
Boiling also will not require oil. Moreover when you boil the meat then the fat will be easier to remove. Soup sauce produced from this boiling method will keep the nutritional content and taste more delicious.
3. Steam
The maturity level of steamed food more evenly. In addition, the resulting flavor is more delicious and the nutritional content will not be lost. Steaming method is very good for those of you who are undergoing a healthy diet plan to avoid oil.
4. Sauté
By stir frying food it will only require less fat so this minimizes excess fat and cholesterol. Sautéing takes a little while so this will keep the nutritional content of the food. Sautéing is suitable for vegetables and meat.
5. Air Fryer
Air fryer is the name for a fryer without oil. Cook with water frying technology means cooking without oil and using heat to ripen up fish, meat, or potatoes.
6. Cooking With Pans Press
Cooking using a press pot can shorten cooking time so that the nutritional content of the food will not be lost. Even the flavors produced are much better and better.