Meditating Tips

Published December 4, 2017 in Health - 0 Comments

Living a busy routine every day often makes the mind and body feel tired. Exercising was no longer done. One of the things that can help you reduce the burden of fatigue and make the body fresher is meditation. This activity is very useful to relax the mind and expel fatigue in the self. Other benefits can increase concentration, make it more energetic, and balance emotionally. Follow some correct meditation tips, you can also learn by using guided meditation CD’s.

– Morning
The morning after waking up is the best time to meditate. In addition to body and mind is still fresh, morning meditation is very effective to reduce the worry and make you start the spirit of activity all day. If you do not have time in the morning, do the night before bed so that when you wake up your body is also fresh.

– Comfortable place
Prepare a special place for you to meditate. It does not have to be spacious or with special preparation, most importantly comfortable. For example, in one corner of the room, on the terrace of the house, or in the open backyard. Make sure the place you choose will further support your meditation process.

– Heating
Like sports, meditation also needs warming up. Warm up as light as stretching your arms, legs, and neck. However, do not be too excessive that makes you tired before meditating.

– Set breathing
Respiratory settings are central to the process of meditation. Breathe slowly, take a deep breath through your nose, then gently exhale from the mouth while feeling your heartbeat. This way of breathing should continue during the process of meditation.

– Mind focus
Close your eyes and focus your mind on one goal. For example, you want to relieve stress or expel negative thoughts, hang that desire in your mind. To help focus, you can listen to heartbeats, or listen to meditation music. It should be noted, the process of meditation is not to empty the mind, but to focus the mind.