Reasons Why Your Testosterone Hormone Production Is Low

Published November 22, 2017 in Health - 0 Comments

Probably not too many who understand the hormone testosterone. If you know, surely of the many people in the average linking this hormone in intimate relationships only. In fact, that’s not just the benefits of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone hormone alone for men is very useful to help the development of muscle. Not only that, this hormone also plays a role in preventing bone loss (osteoporosis). According to some sources, even the hormone testosterone also plays a role in the rejuvenation of blood vessels. What is the Normal Testosterone Level in Blood? Yes, there must be a level to determine whether the production of a hormone is normal or not. For normal testosterone levels, ranging from 350 to 400 nanograms/deciliter. If in blood the hormone levels are less than the ideal value, then the man has testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS). What If Hormone Production Is Less? If the hormone levels are decreased in men, all the functions automatically from hormone will be disrupted. You will also get old faster. Old-fashioned not because of age, but old because the development of a declining body, including muscles, blood vessels, and bones will experience an early decline. Before the lack of hormone testosterone becomes a disaster for you, it would be better to do the prevention by taking additional consumption with our testogen for sale supplement.

Then, What Causes Hormone Production This Is Disturbed? Many factors cause the lack of production of testosterone in the body. Usually, men who are obese will be more prominent (bloated) in the plan or often referred to as central obesity. That’s because excessive fat will be stored much in the stomach which is a central area. It says central obesity if the stomach circumference is more than 92 centimeters. Fat in the stomach is what causes. This is because fat grown contain many estrogen hormones that are more owned by women. Fats can also increase coronary hormone levels, and it is an indicator of aging. Both hormones are the cause of your low testosterone hormone. Ideally, a person should have a sleep time of one day, ie as much as eight hours. Studies in 2011 conducted by the University of Chicago found that the average person who has a five-hour sleep can reduce testosterone production by about 15%. According to studies, alcohol can affect the conversion rate of testosterone and other androgens to esters. That is why, if you want to maximize the production of testosterone to remove fat, and build muscle, then the most important thing is to avoid alcoholic beverages.