Steal this style when wearing a backpack. You will be more trendy!

Published December 1, 2017 in Lifestyle - 0 Comments

Wearing a backpack for men does not mean cannot be trendy, a lot of style choices in the dress that can be combined with a backpack. If you have a backpack product from Blaxton Bags, congratulations, you already have the right product. With a product from Blaxton Bags you are ready to look trendy even with a backpack.

There are several styles of backpacks that you can follow:

– Combine with a jacket or outer, if you have a backpack with a large size you can mix with an outer or jacket on a shirt and jeans to give a formal impression. However, do not forget to adjust the outer color or jacket with the color of the backpack that you use.

– With a formal look, if you work in a field that requires their employees to look formal, then use a backpack with dark colors such as black or brown. With these colors, backpacks can blend with the shirts and formal pants that you use.

– Smart Casual, For this style, any color of your backpack can be combined with denim pants or jeans, and basic sweater with a matching color to the shirt wear.

– Pair with Leather Jacket, if wearing a leather jacket, make sure you choose a backpack that has a color that contrasts with the jacket you wear. Mix together with this leather jacket to be one way that you can use in all circumstances and events that will you go.

– Pair with shorts, the casual impression will be very visible if you use shorts and t-shirts and combined with backpacks. But make sure that you wear chinos and polo-shirts for a more casual impression.

Do you know which style you will use? In addition to choosing the right style, you also have to choose the right online shop to buy the backpack you need. Blaxton Bags can be an option when you are confused about where to buy the right backpack.