Steps to Learn SEO for Beginners

Published September 13, 2017 in Technology - 0 Comments

There is a saying: Experience is the best teacher. This is true because you will learn a lot by doing. For those of you who want or are learning SEO, there are many SEO guidance websites available on the Internet. You can start reading and perform various steps that exist. Well, in this article I try to give a checklist of SEO learning steps for beginners that you can make reference. If you need help, you can visit our website and find the best seo Toronto.

– Learn to create a website
Before going into technical SEO detail, it is important for you to know basic web development techniques.

– Learn SEO and implement on the website

Read various trusted SEO sources, from Google blogs or other websites that provide various information about SEO. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools, verify and read the guides. This tool provides information on how Googlebot sees your website and provides information if there is an SEO problem on your website. Make sure you get used to this tool.

– Check out Google Analytic. After the website runs a month, you will get various interesting data from Google Analytic. Use this data to learn analytics, from reading data to creating custom reporting and defining appropriate strategies for websites.

– Update Excel files. Make sure you document the development of your website’s keyword ranking in Excel on a regular basis. Updates can be done on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your wants and needs. Here, you can see the results of the techniques you use for ranking websites.

– Test SEO techniques and document the results. You can try SEO techniques and apply them to your website, then document the results. Good results will certainly be a plus for you to build a solid SEO strategy.