The basics of choosing hosting and domain

Published January 4, 2018 in Technology - 0 Comments

There are several strategies to consider in choosing a domain name as well as choosing hosting services for our online business. What are Domain and Hosting? In this article not many explain the meaning or usefulness of Domain and Hosting, more details you can see the article Understanding Domain and Hosting let me be more clear. So that our online business can run smoothly and can bring in a lot of traffic. Here are tips on choosing a domain and a hosting or a reseller hosting:

Tips on Choosing Domains

1. Linking a domain name to your blog or web topic.

For example your blog with Health topics then the domain you want to choose is that still have something to do with the world of health, for example,

2. Choose a domain name that is not too complicated but
easy to remember and adjust to the target location.

For example Health blog with domain This domain is not complicated and easy to remember. Target this location means that your blog visitors target later. If the target visitor is local only, we recommend that your domain use your own country language.

3. Try looking for TLD domain that .com

Because Domain TLD .com is the highest Top Level Domain. If the domain you want is already in use, try using a link such as And if the domain you want really has been used, then you try to use other TLD Domain. And in accordance with the contents of your blog or website.

4. Avoid using domain names that smell.

You should be careful in choosing a domain, Do not let your domain use SARA-like words or the like. Because this will cause your blog or website will be blacklisted by search engines that will ultimately have a negative impact on visitor traffic.

5. Find an SEO Friendly domain.

If your domain is in accordance with the theme of your blog or website then now you think for your domain SEO Friendly as this will facilitate reading blogs and your website on search engines.

Tips to Choose Hosting:

1. Make sure to choose a hosting that suits your needs and type of web or blog.

2. Select Server Hosting that matches your Visitor Blog target. (Server Hosting USA, SGP, IIX, etc.).
If your visitor target from local (Indonesia) then choose Server Hosting IIX and vice versa.

3. Find Hosting that has Complete Features like PHP, MySql, SubDomain, etc.

4. Make sure the speed check hosting that you will rent. Can with tool at

5. Make sure the Hosting Service you choose has good Service. If you can have 24 Hours Service.

6. Make sure Space and Bandwidth match your needs. Bandwidth should be great if necessary Unlimited if your Web does require a large bandwidth.

7. Find information about the Hosting Providers you choose to the Forums or colleagues who know more.

8. Hosting is a place to store your important files, so choose it that has a good Security Service. If necessary, there is warranty. (For This can be asked to the related Hosting Provider Sales).