The Excess of Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency

Published February 19, 2018 in Technology - 0 Comments

Lately, CryptoCurrency’s business is busy talking about. Yes, after the splash with the Forex trading, now the community in the sparkle again with CryptoCurrency Bitcoin business. Bitcoin is one of the virtual currencies developed in 2009 and developed by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. You can easily get Bitcoin through best pcie risers for mining.

Although it is a form of virtual currency, in Bitcoin currency has the same value as the rupiah and dollar that exist only in the digital world. Conceptually, CryptoCurrency bitcoin is similar to eGold which in reality both businesses are different. Some people also consider this bitcoin similar to Forex when these two things are different.

Currently, buying bitcoin and reselling it is becoming a thing of interest to the public especially for those lovers of digital trading. Moreover, the higher the CryptoCurrency bitcoin selling value. The benefits you can get from selling and buying bitcoin will be higher. Therefore, here are several excesses of a Bitcoin!

Rich Without Capital with BitCoin
This will be very useful to anticipate the existence of things that are not desirable to your money. For that, here are some advantages and disadvantages of CryptoCurrency bitcoin that must be known before you start.

High demand
In 2011 to 2013, people’s interest in bitcoin is still small because there are still many who do not know bitcoin, whereas the value of bitcoin is high. In January 2013 alone, the value of 1 BTC has a sale value of about 13 USD, while in May 2013 1 BTC has been valued at 120 USD. This certainly shows that the value of Bitcoin has a very high demand. No more profit can be calculated by buying the bitcoin. And now the value of 1 BTC has penetrated up to 860 USD so, if you buy bitcoin in 2011, of course, you have become a millionaire now.