The relationship between patent and brands

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Why Patent Rights Required: If we have a unique skill/product that is financially worthy then it should be registered at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia to obtain a Patent right, so that it is not hijacked by others without the protection of wealth intellectuals. So if our Patent is hijacked or imitated by others it can prosecute legally. Meanwhile, if you wish to solve your patent problems legally, perhaps you need to hire the most trusted Patent Attorney near you.

A sample case study :

Patent infringement by leading car company Kia and Hyundai. the company is accused of infringing patents on hybrid technology that has been previously discovered and patented by price. a similar case also happened to the Toyota car company over the same thing and the case led to a fine imposed on a Toyota company for $ 98 for each unit sold. reflected from the case study it is very important to patent our findings so that at any time if there is fraud then can be followed up with a clear, safe and fast.

Possible conclusion:

These companies should patent hybrid technology that they have found so it is not used by other companies. this problem occurs because of errors also from companies that have found. if patenting what they have found, problems like this will not happen. both companies will also not be harmed. the terms of the patent are a bit complicated but if followed will provide benefits for ourselves. whatever we have found and important to the life of the world then it should be done so as not to harm each other.

Definition of Brand Right

Brand is a sign in the form of pictures, names, words, letters, figures, color arrangements, or combinations of those elements which have differentiating power and are used in trade activities of goods or services

Brands can be distinguished in several ways, including:

Trademarks: trademarks are used on goods traded by a person / several persons / legal persons to distinguish between similar goods.
Service Mark: the mark is used on services traded by a person / several persons / legal entities to distinguish by similar services.
Collective Brand: the mark is used for goods/services with the same characteristics that are traded by several persons / legal entities jointly to differentiate with goods/services of the like.
While the definition of a Trademark is an exclusive right granted by the state to the owner of a registered mark in the general register of the mark for a certain period of time by using the mark itself or granting the other party permission to use it.