There are Ingredients That Are Not Good If Mixed With Smoothies. Here’s the list

Published December 6, 2017 in Technology - 0 Comments

Make smoothies would be very fun for you who are undergoing the process of dieting. All the fruits and vegetables will want you to enter to get a lot of vitamin sources in the smoothies you make. However, did you know that there are some foods that should not be used in making smoothies? This article will discuss it. Previously, you would want to make smoothies with a good blender for the resulting results are also perfect, right? You can get the best blenders for green smoothies by reading the review at After reading the reviews here, you will definitely find a nice blender for your smoothies.

However, to get a taste of delicious smoothies, you do not need to add some of these ingredients. Because it will damage the taste and texture of the smoothies you make.

1. Bit Fruits. If you use this type of food, your sense of smoothies will be uncomfortable. If you want to use this fruit you must cook it first. To cook it, you should peel the skin off the fruit and wrap it in aluminum foil. After that, bake at a temperature of 450 degrees centigrade.

2. Ginger. Adding ginger in smoothies will only damage the flavor of the smoothies you make. Smoothies you will have a spicy flavor. As a result, your smoothies will fail to taste good.

3. Leaves of Mustard. The flavors of mustard leaves cannot be combined with sweet ingredients, such as sugar and milk. As a result, your smoothies will only be dominated by the spicy flavor of the leaf.

4. Ice. Many people make smoothies using ice. However, in fact, it would be better if the smoothies you make are not given ice. Ice will make your smoothies not thick. So do you think smoothies that are not so thick can be called smoothies?

So, in order not to waste your smoothies, you should avoid these ingredients. It is also to make the content in smoothies still well preserved.