Things To Look For When Buying The Toilet Seat

Published September 18, 2017 in General - 0 Comments

The selection of toilets is very important so as not to be wrong and appropriate in use. Especially for healthy homes. Currently, there are 2 types of toilet closet that is sitting and closet squat. Usually, the selection of toilet seat more in select because of comfort and convenience provided. The toilet seat itself comes from western culture and is now the most sought-after type of closet. Even now the toilet seat is getting more sophisticated. There are many options with form, design to various features. Even the sitting closet is now equipped with new technologies such as jet washer to the eco washer or water-efficient sit-down closet. For more details, you can see at

Selection of toilet seat colors is important to match the color of your bathroom. It is advisable to use a white seated toilet seat. Also, make sure to frequently clean your toilet seat to keep it clean and shiny. If your bathroom is tiny, choose a toilet seat that is the appropriate size, not too big that will eat the bathroom room. In addition, choose a brand toilet that has been guaranteed quality and has SNI quality. The closet tends to be able to withstand heavy, durable, and easy to clean. To save water usage, there are several toilets that have two types of rinsing that is for the quantity of water to defecate and the quantity of water to urinate. We recommend a toilet that has two types of rinsing is what you choose. Choose a heated toilet seat with an anti-shock cover. That way when closing, the cover will come down slowly and prevent damage. Closet seating has two types of toilet height, which is 14-15 inches and 16-17 inches. Size 14-15 inches is a standard measure that is widely used.