Things You Did not Know about Asthma

Published November 8, 2017 in General - 0 Comments

Asthma is very common, it is known 1 of 2 people have it. Although you do not suffer from it, you may think you know a lot about asthma But there are many things about this condition that many people do not understand. Many studies have shown that reactions to common allergens, such as cockroaches, dust germs, pets, and powders, can lead to inflamed airways inflammation and cause asthma symptoms.

If you are asthmatic and drugs are unsuccessful, undetected allergies can be the cause, says Albert Rizzo, MD, senior health adviser at the American Lung Association, and Head of Lung / Medicines Critical Care at Christiana Care Health System in Newark. Meet an allergy specialist to find out exactly what is causing it so you can overcome the disorder. Just because you’ve already passed your 18th birthday does not mean you’re completely safe from the disease. Indeed, asthma symptoms generally occur before the age of 5 years, but they can appear at any time. The occurrence of asthma in adulthood is generally caused by an allergic reaction to one or more chemicals, such as things that can be exposed in your work environment. Hormones, genetics, and other aspects of your environment can also play a role. For those of you who suffer from asthma would not be surprised with the inhaler, is not it? We provide special inhaler for you.

This one inhaler is very safe and comfortable and will not provide harmful side effects such as inhalers in general. Because it is equipped with sophisticated technology so you do not have to worry when you use this inhaler. This inhaler is very easy to use and even while you are sleeping. This inhaler has a much healthier evaporation technology than any other inhaler. You also need to know some facts about asthma, like Many people with asthma, realize that their disease increases when they are running or cycling. However, it is very likely that the symptoms also occur if you are active. The bronchial tubes that channel the air to the lungs so narrow as you exert energy, causing spasms in the surrounding muscles. This problem is very common when exercising outside in cold air. “When you breathe cooler and drier air than the air in your respiratory tract, visit your doctor for a more precise diagnosis.”

Mood swings, bloating, then sudden asthma attacks? Many women with asthma (about 30-40 percent) say that their disease worsens just before menstruation, according to a study in the journal Chest. Researchers are still figuring out the cause. But another study, published in Frontiers in Immunology, states that changes in estrogen cause extra inflammation of the respiratory tract. Painkillers on the market can be a trigger.