Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom!

Published December 3, 2017 in General - 0 Comments

A clean bathroom can make the wearer disgust when entering and using the bathroom. Because including one of the areas that must be entered every day, of hygiene and neatness of the bathroom must be maintained. Not only capitalize the brand of famous bathroom equipment, you also have to maintain cleanliness every day for best results. In addition to always clean, take care of the bathroom must be done so that the water channel is not easily clogged. But if the drains in your bathroom are clogged up, then all you have to do is to immediately rent a waterway repair workshop at to get a fast and reliable waterway repair service.

Before it happens then it would be better if you can take care of it, then from here following some tips to clean the bathroom you can do for the bathroom look always cling and scent every day!

1. Washbasin
In the sink area, always arrange for the furniture around the sink to keep neat by giving a small shelf/place for equipment such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and others. To remove the dirt in the sink bowl, flush with hot water, pour the cleaning product to remove the crust and dirt, then scrub the sink surface. If there is still a bad odor coming out of the sink, add the baking soda powder then wipe and rinse thoroughly. Do not forget to also clean the glass with a cloth or glass cleaner spray.

2. Bathtub and bathtub
Scrub the bathtub or bathtub with a cleaning product to lift the crust. Then rinse it with clean water. To overcome clogged channels, use special products that can remove dirt stools or try an easier way using a mixture of baking soda powder and vinegar.

3. Shower
Shower area for the shower is usually most often clogged, especially with dirt when bathing. The most often create a channel in the shower area clogged is a hair loss remnant shampoo. How to clean it is to take a hair loss and throw it in the trash! Never clean it by dousing it into the sewer because it will clog and create a bad odor. Also, clean the tiles in the shower area with carbolic or other cleaning fluid every day so that no moss or crust is attached