Trust in God

Published January 4, 2018 in Business and Finance - 0 Comments

Trust is something that grows with experience and time. Try to pray for God’s help starting with small, unimportant little things, such as when you need a parking space in a shopping center, or when you need a ride, or that the drizzle does not soon become a heavy rain. Collect those experiences from time to time. You will find that even God looks at your seemingly trivial prayers. If the little things in your life alone He noticed, of course, great things also did not escape His attention. To make you feel sure that god is real, you can visit our website and read some of the stories about God.

If you want to believe that God is real, here’s what you need to say to yourself.

– Thank you for what God has given us
Sometimes, the blessings God has given us to lose meaning because we see everyone accepting the same thing, or because we are getting used to it. For example, life, health, family, and more. In fact, those blessings had been planned for us even before we were made. God has been thinking about us, and arranging everything in the universe to the smallest thing, for us. There is a word that our blessings will not be exchanged. Therefore, learn to be grateful for the blessings you have received in your life, and you will see that God is always in your life from time to time.

Trust in God is often not a one-time event, but a process. We need to learn from time to time, again and again, consciously choosing to trust God. Trust in God is the ability we need to continuously. When we have reached a certain level of trust, it is no longer possible to worry. Once or twice, perhaps once again fall in doubt, worry, or mistrust. If that happens, ask for the help of those who have grown up in faith, to strengthen and reinforce you. Your worries also do not necessarily lose everything, but at the very least, your worries are no longer to cripple you and make you go down.

Get closer to God through prayer and let His grace fill you with your love and trust in Him.