Using hot water to repair the dented parts of a car

Published February 19, 2018 in Technology - 0 Comments

A dented car surface can actually be overcome by bringing it to the workshop, but it will cost you a lot. Not to mention if you have to queue for hours in the workshop to get your car body to be as smooth as the beginning. But just calm down, you can fix your car body that dents itself at home without having body repair. However, if you want the experts to repair the car for you, then you can simply call the recommended Auto Body Shop Orange County CA instead.

How to fix the body of a car that dents by using hot water actually have the same concept with other ways, but the difference is only material to flex the car body this time do not use a hair dryer but hot water. Well following the steps to improve the car body by using hot water that you can see:

Prepare in advance hot water that you will use to heat your car body.

Pour a little bit of hot water into the body of your car that has a dent. You can use a kettle or water kettle as a container of hot water.

Use the fabric to apply pressure to the dented car parts until it returns to its previous shape.

You should note is not too hard to put pressure on your car, which there will be too missed so as to make the shape of your car changed or even the body can be broken.

Repeat the above steps until several times until you get the maximum results.

The way to repair the body of a car dented by using hot water is indeed already well known by the general public, even many have proved this way. This also you can do even though the bumper of your car has a parking sensor rear. But remember, this way you can only do for types of the bumper that is made from plastic or carbon fiber so that when you water it with hot water can make it easier for you to pull out the car parts that dented earlier.