Various Modern Furniture from Bamboo

Published February 19, 2018 in General - 0 Comments

Bamboo will be easily got in some Asian countries. A long time ago, bamboo used as a material to build homes, or create items of furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, and other furniture. However, it is unfortunate that the development of engineering and furniture design from the bamboo material is not developed. The existence of the technology of furnishing (polishing) for wooden furniture and bamboo furniture to be more beautiful not well utilized. Although the developments of bamboo furniture designs exist, these developments are very limited in both quality and quantity. As a result, the economic value of bamboo itself becomes less attractive to users and designers.

In contrast to the development of engineering and design of bamboo materials from abroad, such as Japan, and China and even European countries. The development of supporting technology to make bamboo into a work of art that has a high value is the very good economy. To take advantage of bamboo to decorate the room, you can use the best framing nailer to facilitate you in the process of making your home furniture. Apart from that, here is an example of some furniture from a bamboo material that hopefully can inspire you to be inspired to develop and utilize bamboo as the basic material of interior and exterior design.

1. Bed From bamboo
If our grandfather had a bamboo couch or a bamboo bed it was ordinary, because of what? It is because of the usual design. Try a bamboo design bed with thick foam and an attractive furnish. The result is like this.

2. Dim Light from Bamboo
Bamboo material is versatile. This time bamboo is made as a lamp house. No less appear with the lamp house from the factory.

3. Bamboo as a wall
This design is perfect for home garden or home in the back garden. To prevent direct exposure to the outside wind but still get adequate free air ventilation. I think it is necessary to use bamboo as a wall.

4. Sofa From bamboo
Sofa from bamboo there is guest room gives the impression of natural and classical. However, the modern and artistic impression can be highlighted with the color of the cushion and the sofa seat itself which is the frame of bamboo.

5. Shoe rack from bamboo
Shoe rack from bamboo can be an alternative plastic material. Bamboo material is strong enough and durable if used as a shoe rack.

6. Rack of bamboo
We can create bookcase or other furniture from bamboo. The bamboo shape is straight with elongated smooth surface makes bamboo easy to process shelf shape shelf.