Versions of Windows to Install with Windows Loader

Published September 13, 2017 in Technology - 0 Comments

Right now, you will be able to install genuine or permanent Windows for free and it possible because of a Windows activator. Windows loader is one of the most common Windows activators to use. Thus, you may also consider using it to install a free Windows operating system on your device.

For those of you who have tried to use Windows loader might have different experiences as there are some of you who have successfully installed the Windows and there are also some of you who have not. The reason why there are some of you who failed to use Windows loader is that the version of Windows that you want to install is not compatible with Windows loader. So, before installing Windows for free using Windows loader, you need to know whether or not the version of the Windows is compatible.

Here are some of the versions of Windows based on the edition that can be installed permanently with Windows loader:

– Starter
Windows is usually already installed when buying a new computer. The main features of this version are Taskbar, Jump list, Windows MEdia Player, Backup & restore, Action Center, Device Stage, Play to, Fax, Scan and Simple Game.

The weakness of this version is there is no Aero glass, media center, windows touch, home group creation, desktop modification features, live thumbnail preview, Multi language, 64bit version available and maximum 2 GB of RAM.

If using the Starter version, the user cannot replace the desktop background. Users also can only run 3 programs at once, but this limitation has been removed and replaced with a maximum of 2 GB of RAM.

– Home Basic
This version is targeted to specific regions. The main features of this version are multiple monitors, fast user switching, desktop wallpapers, internet connection sharing, network printing, desktop windows manager, and some windows aero.

The weakness of this version is it cannot create a new Homegroup and does not have DVD decoder (MPEG-2 and Dolby Digital), multi touch, premium games, Windows Media center, Multi language, and Windows Aero fully supported.